What’s up my fellow witches?!

My name is Ava and I am a magician, or a witch, or a magich, as I like to call it…

I have been magiching for 4 years professionally, nearly 10 years… unprofessionally.

During that time, I have learnt a lot about the world of performing, the world of magicians, and the worlds of corporate events, late-night venues, and theatres.

I started out naive but driven, slowly became cynical and disillusioned, and have now, I feel, come out the other side level-headed, more streetwise, and with fresh motivation for what is ahead.

People ask me questions after my shows and gigs, and often, these questions are the same:

  • How did you get into magic?

  • How did you start getting gigs?

  • What’s it like being a female magician?

  • Do you get stage fright?

  • Can you actually make money from this?

  • Did you really slice open a live rabbit during a children’s show?

The job of a performer is to provide the audience with an experience, to transport them into a story or moment that is immersive.

If the audience is distracted, wondering about whether an actor has a side-hustle, or what they enjoy eating for dinner, then the performance hasn’t given the audience the escapism they came for.

If the show is successful, however, the audience will be absorbed into the show enough that they leave without knowing much at all about the performer, just the personality they play onstage.

This is how it should be, yet this doesn’t stop people from being curious.

I believe this is why I get asked these questions, because people aren’t offered much of a glimpse behind the curtain, to see the reality of the performer’s line of work.

So, without breaking that magic down completely, I will attempt to answer these questions in this blog.

I guarantee I am not the most clued up, experienced magician out there, but I have learnt a huge amount from my time onstage, as well as at private and corporate events. I also fell into a few pitfalls that maybe I can prevent someone else from doing, with a little warning.

It is up to you whether you chose to believe my answers, I do lie for a living after all, and truthfully, lying can be very addictive.

If I were you, I would read my blog with cautious curiosity, take my words with a pinch of salt, while being prepared to believe the impossible.

Impossible is always more fun anyway.

Ava xx

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