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One of Ava's favourite weird & wonderful things to create are magical moments with voice-overs...

Ava initially struggled to produce videos that represented or felt like 'her' and quickly realised this was because she had been aiming to fit with the trend of what other magicians were doing.

She therefore began using her voice (as she would do on stage) which resulted in these quirky creations.

More can be found on her Instagram or YouTube pages [links below:]

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Behind the Scenes:


If you're intrigued by the work that goes into creating Ava's magic, or more importantly, what music she listens to while doing so, then you'll enjoy this short clip of the roses...

Behind the Scenes:

Stage Bunnies

Not possessing a magical bunny of her own, Ava created her own in a Frankenstein like manner, ready for an appearance in her next stage show. Their fate in the show is currently undecided...

New Show for 2021!

Society is hard to navigate as a witch; whenever you get close to a person, something dreadful seems to happen – to them, usually.

In Beaux’s darkly comic new magic show, watch as Ava attempts to find her place in a world, and connect with a group of ‘normal’ people.

She doesn’t bite, well, hardly ever, and with the new social distancing malarky, you’re safer around her than ever before.

Show Bunnies

For this new show, Ava has been busy illustrating some new characters that will be featuring in it.  Here's a sneak preview of their fluffy faces:


A friendly rabbit, just move out the way when his ears start flapping.

Smokey name and nature. This is one rabbit you don't want to meet in a dark alley.


...can never quite remember what he should be worrying about, he just knows there's something...


The coolest bunny on the block, Annie is ready to tackle any obstacle thrown her way.


A rather 2 dimensional character, Pancake spends most of his time hoping for a quiet life.


You'll need a good hover if Twinkle visits your house as glitter is her favourite accessory.


If you are interested in the life of a performer, or about the world of magicians, then Ava's blog answers many questions frequently asked by audience members.

You can see a few posts from this below, or click on the title 'Blog' above to go to the full list of posts.

What's up my fellow witches?!

Ava's first post in which she introduces herself and the questions she plans to explore.

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So, what's it like to be a female magician?

Ava explores the pros and cons of working in an industry where women are rare.

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Where (the hell) do you find inspiration?


Ava discusses where her quirky ideas come from.

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How do you write a magic show?

Ava breaks down a seemingly daunting task, into a less daunting format.

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Thank you very much for looking through Ava's weirdiful creations; we hope you have enjoyed them. If you did, and would be excited to see more, then do come back to this page in a few weeks, as it is regularly updated with new material and information.