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Full length theatre shows, to cabaret slots.


A unique, impactful show for your theatre.

Offering a versatile range of shows and performance styles, Ava flourishes on stage.

If you are looking for a full-length theatrical magic show, her show Double Double Witchy Trouble will be suitable. With a unique character described as darkly comic & delightfully creepy, Ava succeeds in transporting audiences into her imaginative, slightly macabre realms created through magic and storytelling.


Though her performances often explore thought-provoking or darker themes, Ava is skilled at making audiences feel comfortable & reassured, especially those members bold enough to join her up on stage.

Alternatively, you may require a more light-hearted cabaret performance. For this, Ava can offer a fun, comical magic performance of any length up to, and including, 60-minutes. Ava has experience delivering both adult shows, and family-friendly performances.

Whatever you are seeking for your venue, Ava would love to hear from you. Stage performances are her passion – believing in the importance of stories, and their ability to open-up audiences’ perspectives, Ava loves people to leave her show feeling like everything in life is that little bit more possible. Her shows also encourage audiences to have fun, embrace their own individuality, and to love themselves.

If you would like to enquire about availability, or to discuss Ava's stage performances in more detail, please fill out the form on Ava's contact page. A tour pack and show footage are both available on request.

Below you can find information on Ava's current stage shows:

'visually gorgeous (...) a perfect, stunning magic show'
☆☆☆☆☆ World Magic Review

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Double Double Witchy Trouble

Ava's theatre & magic stage show.

Ava's Cabaret Magic

Funny, charming, enchanting.

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A Live Cabaret Panel Show

Ava loved being onstage, it’s where she had control. That was before she discovered her unsettling alter-ego Beaux. Beaux finds humans fascinating, but controlling her magic around them can be tricky. In this blend of magic and theatre, watch as two halves of one magician compete.
Will Ava prevail, or will Beaux gain autonomy and start asking… why isn’t she allowed human company?

From the 6th to 28th of August, Ava will be premiering her new show, Ava Beaux: Which Witch at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022, in collaboration with PBH Free Fringe.

Please go to the
Ava Beaux: Which Witch page
for more information.

If you would be interested in hiring Ava to perform her cabaret magic, please get in touch through the Contact Form.

Ava has performed 2 very successful runs at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and plans to return for a third in 2022.
She has also performed many shows in Bristol's magic theatre, Smoke and Mirrors, put on shows at Brighton Horrorfest, and ran her own cabaret night which raised £1000 for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Her act is flexible, adapting well to anything from a 5-10 minute cabaret slot, to a full 60 minute show, or even the compering of a mixed-bill show.

Fun, silly, raucous… ABSURD. Join host & magician Ava Beaux, and magical team captains Kane & Abel, for an array of games, buzzer rounds, and cabaret performers. Optional audience participation, different guests each night, bring your own buzzer encouraged – it’s absurdity at its best.

From the 6th to 28th of August, Ava, Kane & Abel will be performing their new show Absurd at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022, in collaboration with PBH Free Fringe.

The show will be at 17:25pm each day at Roti on Edinburgh's South Bridge.
The show is free & non-ticketed; the audience will be seated on a first come, first serve basis.



'Magician Ava Beaux performed a delightfully sinister magic show'

Broadway Baby



'visually gorgeous (...) a perfect, stunning magic show'

World Magic Review


'a very nicely crafted magic show (…) had the audience scratching their heads in awe'

Mix Up Theatre



'slick patter, a cleverly-worked persona and an original slant on practical magic'

The List




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