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Ava premiered her new show, Ava Beaux: Which Witch at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022, in collaboration with PBH Free Fringe.

It is now available for theatres and touring opportunities under the new show title: Double Double Witchy Trouble.

A mix of magic & theatre, Ava's new production explores the relationship between Ava, the socially acceptable magician, and her repressed, unhinged alter-ego, Beaux.

This one-woman show embodies Ava's signature blend of magic, slick patter, storytelling, drama, and slightly unnerving characters, whilst also providing a thought-provoking look into the theme of self-love. 

If you are a theatre interested in hosting Ava's show, please fill out the form on the Contact Page.


Double Double Witchy Trouble
Now available for theatres & touring opportunities.

Show Blurb

Ava loved being onstage, it’s where she had control. That was before she discovered her unsettling alter-ego Beaux. Beaux finds humans fascinating but controlling her magic around them can be tricky. In this blend of magic and theatre, watch as two halves of one magician compete. Will Ava prevail, or will Beaux gain autonomy and start asking… why isn’t she allowed human company? And what is this word they call love? ★★★★★ "a perfect, stunning magic show" World Magic Review. ★★★★ "slick patter, a cleverly-worked persona" The List. ★★★★★ "delightfully sinister" Broadway Baby. ★★★★ "a very nicely crafted magic show (…) had the audience scratching their heads in awe" Mix Up Theatre.



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