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Fun, silly, raucous… ABSURD.


Join host and magician Ava Beaux, and magical team captains Kane & Abel, for an array of games, buzzer rounds, and cabaret acts.

Watch two teams battle for points, cheer on your favourite, and join in the revelry if you’re feeling absurd enough! Optional audience participation, different guests each night, and a BYOB (Bring Your Own Buzzer) policy – it’s absurdity at its best.


Ava Beaux: ‘Slick patter, a cleverly-worked persona’ **** (List). 'Mesmerizing performance’ **** ( Kane & Abel: 'Endlessly watchable performers.' **** ( 'Top Weekend Comedy Pick' (Times).


Absurd: A Live Cabaret Panel Show
Premiering @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

If you are a performer and would like to feature on the show,
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