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5 Reasons to Hire a Magician for Your Wedding

So, you're thinking about booking a magician for your wedding, but not sure where to start, or whether it's even a good idea in the first place!

I'm here to reassure you, that if you hire the right magician (it's important to be choosy), then they will help make your day incredibly special.

Let me explain the reasons why...

1. Magic is extremely memorable.

There are lots of different types of entertainment available, but not many that are as memorable as magic.

For your guests, witnessing something that feels impossible is a very rare experience, something that gives both adults and children a lovely feeling of wonderment.

If you want entertainment that your guests will remember and talk about for a very long time, then a magician is the perfect choice, as they'll to help make the day even more memorable and unique.

2. It keeps guests entertained while you're busy.

There's nothing worse than watching Great Aunt Gretchen fall over on the dancefloor after one-too-many glasses of fizz!

Not only does magic entertain and engage people during the celebrations, it also gives them something to think about, other than food and wine.

This can be especially helpful when you are busy having photographs taken, or greeting other guests during the reception, as it's an amazing conversation starter, breaking the ice between guests that may not know each other well.

It's great to know that your guests are being entertained, so that you yourself can enjoy the day, without being the one in charge of entertaining them.

They may even forget to drink that fatal extra glass of champagne...

3. Magic can be adapted to any wedding.

Your wedding doesn't need to fit around the magic; magic should fit seamlessly into your wedding.

If you book a magician who is good at their job, they will be able to flexibly adapt their entertainment to your wedding, regardless of the location, style, or venue type.

This is a real bonus, as many forms of entertainment are limited to one area of a venue, and may need to set-up on a stage.

It's best to chat with your magician ahead of time, as they may be able to offer you different options. For example...

It may be that you would also like to book them to host the wedding (acting as the wedding MC). Or perhaps you would also like them to perform a 30-minute show for the guests at a suitable point, as well as performing walkabout close-up magic.

We're there to enhance your day, and being adaptable is part of the fun!

4. It looks brilliant in photographs.

It really does!

Wedding photos provide precious mementos of your day, and they are always incredibly special.

However, having the added surprise of magic allows the photographer to capture the beautiful moments when your guests have experienced genuine amazement...

...and the results can be wonderful!

5. You'll get your own personalised magic trick.

Not every magician does this, but I like to perform a piece of magic especially for the wedding couple, which leaves them with a magical souvenir to remember the day, and the magic, by.

That's why I believe it's important to choose your magician wisely.

You want to book someone who loves their job, and wishes to go the extra mile to make your day magical, without drawing too much attention away from the day itself.

There are lots of wonderful magicians out there, and by taking the time to choose and book the right one, it will make your day even more magical!

And if you are interested in hiring me for your own wedding, then of course I'd love to hear from you!

You can get in touch through my website, or by emailing

Thank you for reading; I hope it has been helpful!

Yours magically,

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