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March Newsletter

New Creations & A Magical Cat

Welcome to the March edition of my monthly newsletter. In it, you'll hear what's been keeping me busy this month, and how magic really can be themed around anything!

February has given me a little space to work on shows I have coming up this year. It has been great to build new props, write new material, and book things in for the rest of the year ahead! I was also asked to write a routine for the Magic Roulette show, which runs once a month at The Glitch, Waterloo. You can find out more about this below…


What happened last month?…

I secured a venue for this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Last year I performed the show Ava Beaux: Which Witch - "a perfect, stunning magic show" [★★★★★ World Magic Review] (gotta milk that review!) - and I'll be returning with a developed version of the same show, newly titled A magician with conflicting personalities tries to keep control on stage (it'll do what it says on the tin!) Venue info and poster to follow next month!

I performed cat-themed magic as part of Magic Roulette Harry won over an audience even more than anticipated at last month's Magic Roulette show as part of The Vault Festival, a show where #magicians perform new material based on #audience suggestions I got a borrowed ring out of a cat food sachet and momentarily fooled the audience into believing I had my cat with me onstage The only problem is, he's asking for royalties paid in monthly instalments of catnip and treats… With a face like that, he's hard to say no to...

I built new props for some larger shows I have planned for this year With larger #shows incoming, I need props that are as visual as possible from further away One of the #props I have scaled up is the collage which appears in both my #cabaret performances, and my more #theatrical stage shows… Get a sneak peek of it below...

Inspiring Ava

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso Here are some of the things that have been keeping me inspired & #creative this month… P.S. I haven't been asked or paid to recommend or advertise any of the below, I just think others might enjoy them!


The Noisy Page ‘Who are the noisiest writers? Cathy FitzGerald listens in on fictional soundscapes.’ Searching around for a chilled out podcast one evening, I found this on BBC Sounds. It explores the sounds we subconsciously hear when reading novels. It's brilliant, very relaxing, and even talks about The Tell Tale Heart by Poe - a story I told through nothing but sound in my 2019 Fringe show - I wish I'd found it sooner!


Quiet [Matilda Original Cast / Tim Minchin] I've wanted to see #Matilda the musical for years, and I was incredibly lucky to be treated to some tickets for Valentine's Day The show does indeed live up to its amazing reviews. Even if you don't have the chance to watch it yourself, you can listen to the full album of songs Quiet is one of my favourites - it reminds me fondly of quiet moments in my life where, even though my life was chaotically swirling around me, I knew I was going to be okay. I think there's power in quiet.



Online Course

Styling and Costume Design for a Stage Performance [Lisa Katnić / Domestika] I have been working through a costume design course on Domestika, in the hope of putting together some new stage costumes for shows this year! It's a really thorough course for beginners, and very fun too! If costume design isn't your thing, there are loads of other creative courses on the platform - trust me, I was addicted to them during lockdown!


More Footage is Coming!

(I promise!) I plan to film some new videos of my #magic soon, but for now, here's a throwback to my full #stage magic rope routine to keep you entertained!

Well there you have it! 2 months into the year already… I can't wait to see what March brings, then tell you all about it next month! (P.S. If you don't want to hear all about it, then you can unsubscribe below, but I'd love for you to stick around for a very magical journey Yours magically,

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