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January Newsletter

A new year brings new things!

Welcome to my first monthly newsletter, something I have been promising to put together for months! In it you will can find what's been keeping me busy, what's keeping me inspired, and… …my new stage showreel! (read through to the bottom to view this!)

Missed my close-up showreel? Don't panic! If you haven't yet seen my close-up magic showreel, filmed and produced by LRB Media last year, you can see it by clicking on the YouTube button below:

What happened in 2022?…

I'm bubbling with anticipation for all the things to come in 2023… I'm hoping to travel more for work, add new experimental elements to my stage shows, and have more time to enjoy the creative process along the way. But firstly, let's rewind and see what happened in 2022! Here are some of the highlights: I got back into theatres after 2 years' of intermittent lockdowns. My first show back in a proper theatre was An Evening of Deception at the Everyman theatre in Cheltenham - it's a great show, and well worth a watch! I released the Learn Magic with Ava workshop. I went full-time as a self-employed magician & entertainer. I received my first 5-star review. World Magic Review wrote a lovely review for Ava Beaux: Which Witch, after it debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival! We released a new cabaret panel show: Absurd. I became a member of The Magic Circle. I relocated to London, just in time for a busy November / December season of corporate events & parties.

Learn Magic with Ava

‘Ava Beaux is a fabulous host! We had a wonderful evening with her; she is warm, witty and welcoming and an amazing magician.’ Here is one of the reviews from the workshops; more information can be found on my website:


'visually gorgeous (...) a perfect, stunning magic show' [World Magic Review ★★★★★]

The full review from World Magic Review, for my theatrical stage show, can be read on their website:

'an upbeat romp through a wide variety of acts' [North West End ★★★★]

Debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022, myself, and Kane & Abel, performed a new mixed-bill panel style show with audience interaction & games. More information can be found on my website:

­Inspiring Ava

It's hard to create new art, unless your soul is full of inspiration from other people's creations and observations. I find I am most inspired by stories, though they don't always come from books. I have loved stories from books, music, theatre, dance… and even (very occasionally) the news. Here are some of the things that have been keeping me motivated through a slower, and sometimes bluer, January: P.S. I haven't been asked or paid to recommend or advertise any of the below, I just think others might enjoy them!


Green Grass by Ellie Dixon An upbeat, down-to-earth tune for days that may not be working out as perfectly as planned! This song always helps put my worries into perspective.



The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki A thought-provoking story which is beautifully written. I found myself invested in the characters lives very quickly - it's heart-wrenching in places, but so worth it.

Creative Challenges

Instagram: @64millionartists @stevexoh Both accounts run month-long challenges with daily creative prompts. The @64millionartists run the January Challenge (not too late to take part in the final few), and @stevexoh will be running ‘What the February: 28 weird & wonderful challenges to celebrate the wonkiest month of the year.’


Ava Beaux: Stage Showreel

Here it is: my new stage showreel!

I'll be advertising my new stage showreel on Instagram this week, but why wait?! You can watch it on YouTube right now, by clicking the button below:

­I hope you enjoyed the January / February edition of the newsletter! Yours magically,

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